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Sophisticated security measure has been set up to secure the system against attacks like , DoS\DDoS attacks, SQL injection, timing attacks....

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Swift and simple order processes, accessing easy trade with a low spreed, a less complex interface with live orderbooks, market charting app, and market history

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Support is available to assist you on any issues, through our support platform, services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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CoinLayers Platform is a friendly platform with Sophisticated Technology Concept(STC), trade on our platform does not have a closing hour, it means the marketplace is opened 24/7. Orders are very fast and our order books are fluidified making cryptocurrency exchange easy, working with many orders submission is allowed, our orders machine is active to take as many orders as you can work with. On Maintenance, notification will be published on all of our social media pages and on our information channels on the platform. Marging trading is not allowed it means you can not go beyound your balance.


CoinLayers has provided numerous order types for trader to use, this are orders currently running on our platform,
Market-Order--> This is a Buy/Sell kind of order that execute instructions immediatly at current trending price.
Limit-Order--> This is a Buy/Sell kind of order that execute instructions at an enumerated price.
Stop-Order--> This is a sell order that secure your profit when the marketis is going against your sell limit-order.
Cancel-order--> This is simply canceling of an order or canceling of all orders


API is set of functions and procedures that gives access to the features on the market. We have Private and public API, the information below details our public API, later in feature we will give information about our private API. Our API produces result in JSON format. Public API-->Get Market. Get Currencies. Get Market Orders. Get Tradde Pairs. Get market Histories.


Our development team take advance reaching technics to secure users account. With STC, security is at the highest level for both users and the system. Measures to prevent theft of fund, leak of user data, and hack has been put in place. CoinLayers system is healthy and stable. This are some of our key measures - All user password is encrypted, nobody will be able to know it including the admin. - Compulsory two-factor authentication(2FA) is required for account login and withdrawal, - When username or password is forgotten, easily you can request for password recovery, this will ask some high technical information about the account.


Orders are charged 0.2% of the total trade amount, this means both buy and sell orders are charged 0.2%. This fees are not deducted or charged when an order is cancelled. This fee only applies to traded orders, either partially or fully traded.

When you refer members using your affiliate link, you get a level of aggregate commissions paid by the people you have referred, paid with the base coins into their CoinLayers wallet. Every referral produces commissions for the lifetime of the account. The level of commissions they get rely upon the turnover of the individual account referrals.

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