Our development team took advance reaching technics to secure users account. With STC, security is at the highest level for both users and the system. Measures to prevent theft of fund, leak of user data, and hack has been put in place. CoinLayers system is healthy and stable.

This are some of our key measures

  • All user password is encrypted, nobody will be able to know it including the admin.
  • Compulsory two-factor authentication(2FA) is required for account login and withdrawal.
  • When username or password is forgotten, easily you can request for password recovery, this will ask some high technical information about the account.
  • Freeze APP is available when suspecting unauthorized login or activities with your account, this will freeze your account totally, and your account will be unfreeze by contacting support with POI.
  • Lock APP allow you to lock your pc without logging out.
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  • Login pin is the second level security for accessing your account only authorize account owner is allowed.
  • Coinlayers support is available 24/7 for any issue regarding user experience.